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VCA/SCC Certification

VCA is the abbreviation for Veiligheids Checklist Aannemers (Contractors’ Safety Checklist) and its purpose is to allow employees to work in a safer environment and reduce the number of (fatal) accidents. The VCA certificate is increasingly becoming mandatory on building sites.

VCA is required in the building, petrol-chemical, metal, government, installation and transport industries. See for more information about VCA, VCA company- and personal certification and also, for example, the use of the VCA logo.

tl_files/images/vcacertificate1.JPGWhen do you need Basic Safety VCA?

For work with an increased risk of bodily injury and responsibility for your own safety: you must be in possession of a valid Basic Safety VCA certificate (not a management function or main contractor)!

VCA/SCC Certificate

The Basic Safety VCA certificate is valid for 10 years in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzland.

VCA/SCC on-line courses in Poland

We providecourses and trainings in Poland.
The Basic Safety VCA on-line course covers:
- 10 interactive VCA course modules with sound, questions & exercises
- VCA knowledge tests: unlimited practise of VCA questions with feedback
- VCA test exams: unlimited practise of VCA test exams
- VCA handbook with final attainment levels

VCA/SCC exams in Poland

We are certified examiners of SCC/VCA in Poland. Our examiners takes exams in Krakow, Opole and Warsaw or at any place required by our client in Poland.


Basic Safety VCA course in Polish including written VCA exam, VCA certificate and VCA safety pass in credit card format: € 280,00. Price according to the VCA exam calendar in Poland.


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