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Looking for a new employee?

16-09-2010 14:14 by Krzysztof Bukański


If your company is looking for a new employee it is crucial to decide how to proceed with the recruitment. It can be decided to use external recruitment agency to find right candidates. Definitely headhunters can help when the company is entering new market. 

Basic attention should be paid to the consultants who will run the recruitment process. It is their knowledge and skills which makes the project successful or not. So actually the recruitment agency name is not as much important as the person that will run the process. When you start looking for a partner in the field of recruitment, you should start from talks with the recruiter, checking his knowledge and methodology used during search and selection.


The second important issue relates to the term called branding. It is the way that a company presents itself to the market from the perspective of labour. It is quite important to pay attention to it when the company enter new market. If the company is perceived badly on the job market it will definitely influence also other operations.
Therefore correctly performed recruitment process is so crucial. Recruitment agency should be also included in this process. Here also the knowledge and experience of agency and its recruiters is also crucial.

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